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Signing a Contract



If your goal is to become a qualified tax preparer, create additional income and be your own boss you're in the right place! Our tax classes starts October 2023! 



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  • Key terms

  • Filing requirement

  • Filing status

  • Earn income vs Unearned income

  • Dependency

  • Tie breaker rules

  • Self employment

  • Child tax Credit

  • ACTC

  • Form 1040

  • Daycare credit

  • 1098-T

  • Itemization

  • Tax liability

  • Refundable credits and  Non refundable credits

  • Mortgage interest

  • Business Codes and more.



Marketing, Gaining clientele, Keeping clientele

Our software is included!


- User friendly software that is quick and easy to learn, software includes all forms & all states, file up to 6 years back (2017 is the latest year available online).


- Tax Software Training Videos available for your reference, one-on-one software training available too!


- 100% cloud-based software that you can access from anywhere with internet... use from your computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone!


- Our amazing tech support is available for you all year long! Get all your questions answered by a live person and never wait for hours on hold.


- Free Mobile App where you can receive documents from your clients and they can sign directly from their phone without having to step in the office.


- Best Bank Products available for your use so clients do not have to pay you upfront for your services.

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