If your goal is to become a qualified tax preparer, create additional income and be your own boss you're in the right place. Make your own rates! Keep your fee*! Our 2020 tax class starts November 2019! This course is a 6 week course every Sunday afternoon, covering the following:


Key terms

Filing requirement

Filing status

Earn income vs Unearned income


Tie breaker rules

Self employment

Child tax Credit


Form 1040

Daycare credit



Tax liability

Refundable credits and  Non refundable credits

Mortgage interest

Business Codes and more.



Marketing, Gaining clientele, Keeping clientele


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If you're already a Qualified Tax Preparer looking for a new tax home, managing your own time, keeping all of your fee*, you are also in the right place. Unlike traditional tax offices, We Do Taxes is a completely mobile company. This means you schedule your own clients and meet with them in a location that is convenient for you and your client. All printing will be done through We Do Taxes. All returns go through a 4 step review process before being sent. Also, unlike traditional tax offices all fees you charge up to $500 per return are %100 yours to keep. $99 entry fee is required and $50 monthly service charge from February-April.